About the Area

We have provided some information about the area and activities in Gunnison National Forest for trip planning. The area including Aspen, Buena Vista, Gunnison, and Pitkin is extremely popular for enjoying hiking, ATVs, OHVs, and Fishing, among many more activities.
Hiking is a popular activity in the Gunnison Natural Forest. To ensure an enjoyable trip, make sure you go prepared. The weather conditions can change quickly causing your trip to take an unexpected turn. Also, in the unfortunate event of an accident, a short hiking trip can easily turn into an overnight trip. Ensure you have plenty of water and a source of energy such as Cliff bars to prepare for unexpected changes.

With the large number of ATV trails surrounding Pitkin, ATV riding is another popular activity enjoyed in the summer. ATVs must have registration stickers to be legally operated on the appropriate trails. We sell ATV/OHV stickers at the store, so stop in and grab one before hitting the trail!

Colorado is well known for its OHV trails that offer everything from gravel roads easily traversed by almost any vehicle to extreme offroad trails requiring highly modified vehicles. The OHV trails surrounding Pitkin are comprised of excellent scenery and offer a variety of challenges for everyone. There are plenty of trails that are accessible by Jeep Wranglers and similar sized 4x4s. If you have questions about the local trails, please ask us and we help you as best as we can.

With the large number of lakes in Gunnison National Forest, fishing is another popular summer activity. Licenses are required to fish in Colorado and can be had at numerous stores in Gunnison. If you have young kids, there is a local fishing pond for kids to try their luck. This pond is stocked yearly by the fish hatchery located right at the edge of Pitkin, ensuring plenty of fun for the kids.